Star – My New Cat – Friday, June 29, 2007

Compiled – June 29, 2007

If I would write a tale about my cat, where would I start. I would start with when I got her. She was tiny, and I knew I liked her right from the beginning. She loved me from the first minute. Star was happy to have a home to call her own. And believe me, it is her home, not mine. She is the boss and is a brilliant cat; she has me well trained. You can see she thinks she’s the boss.

Heat – June 29, 2007

Star is in her first season. Not something I am looking forward to going through again. I know she has been sexually active and is most likely pregnant. A visit to the vet is in order. Technically, I’m supposed to get her spayed, but I didn’t want her to live her life without a little experience. I don’t want a lot of kittens, and I’m not against kitty abortion so she will visit the vet soon.

Claws – June 30, 2007

What else do I need to do? Those claws, those very sharp claws. Do I let her keep them and continue to destroy my furniture? Or do I let her keep her nails and make her an outdoor cat? Getting rid of the claws may save the furniture, but it wouldn’t make her an indoor cat. She loves to be outside. A dilemma — What to do?

Friends – June 30, 2007

Star and I are friends again. She was perfect last knight and slept quietly by my side all night. She didn’t even annoy me to go out at 4:00 AM. That is truly unusual.

Outside – Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sometimes I write better when I’m exhausted. I’m not sure of the reason for this. Maybe it’s because endorphins impair my brain. Or perhaps it’s because I don’t care about what I write; This should be about my cat, so here I go.

Kitty or STAR is the joy of my life. If you are a cat person, you’ll know what I mean. Star has a way of making everything all right at the end of a long hard day at work. She has a sense about her; she knows when I need comfort, and she knows when I need to be left alone.

Tonight, she is of a mind to leave me alone. She asked for her dinner then wanted me to play. After a few minutes of bringing her toy ball over and dropping it at my feet, she decided I didn’t want to play. Being the independent cat that she is, she started playing with her toy ball by herself. What she wanted me to do was get her fishing pole toy out of its hiding place and give her a toy bird to chase, and now and then catch.

Play time

Star will chase this bird at the end of a string until I get tired and put it away. When done she is panting so hard I think I may have overdone it with the toy bird. She’ll lie around and catch her breath then come and ask for more.


She is showing her independence, and she wants to stay out all night. That’s okay with me; When she’s outside, she’s not inside waking me up at 4:00 AM because she wants to go outside. I used to worry about her when she’s out, but after watching her outside, I see she can take care of herself. Like I said she’s a smart cat, she knows what time I go to bed and is usually waiting at the door to come in. If she’s not there at bedtime, she is out for the night. She has me well trained. She expects me to give her a cat treat when she comes in on time.

Ear Mites – Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Star has ear mites. Another one of those pesky pet problems. For now, I am treating them myself with home remedies. I noticed Star scratching her ears and shaking her head, and I didn’t think much about it. Last night she was on my desk and scratched and shook, and this black stuff came out of one of her ears. So I looked into her ears. One of them looked fine, but the other one had black crusty looking stuff in it. I searched on the Internet looking for information about ear mites and found the information I needed.

I treated the infestation myself to see how it goes. If I can’t control the infestation, I’ll take Star to the vet; we need the vet for other reasons too. She was mostly okay with me putting drops in her ears. Star didn’t scratch or bite me, but she hissed and growled at me. I think she knew I was trying to help her.

Star Is Pregnant – Sunday, August 26, 2007

The poor little thing is just a kitten herself, and she wants to be a mom. It’s okay by me; I would love to have another kitten. I hope all goes well with her delivery.

New Kittens – Monday, September 3, 2007

My cat Star recently had kittens. Nothing unusual about a cat having kittens. The particular event is that she birthed her kittens in the litter box. I would find this highly unusual behavior for a mother cat except for Star. As I mentioned earlier, she will come into the house from outside to use the litter box.


What I think caused her to birth her kittens in the litter box was because her water broke and she made a mess on my bed. Being a first-time mother, she didn’t know what was happening and thought she had had an accident. I tried to move her and her kitten from the litter box. I tried to move them to a clean box with a clean towel at the bottom. She wanted nothing to do with that. She immediately moved her firstborn from the clean box back into the litter box and birthed her second kitten.

After Star had birthed her litter and was attempting to clean her kittens, I decided that I would need to help her. Her little ones were all covered with bits of litter. The litter had clumped onto their fur and hardened as it dried. She was doing her best to clean the kittens but wasn’t having much luck.


The kitty litter Star was eating wasn’t helpful to her digestive system, so I attempted to move her into the clean box again. I first removed her kittens, and she immediately began to move them back to the litter box. The only cure for this was to remove the litter box, which I did. I put it outside.

When Star discovered the litter box was not an option, she was happy with the clean bed and towel. To end this story, it took me about an hour to clean the litter off of Star and her kittens. I think Star was grateful for the help; she was very compliant as I cleaned her. She didn’t fight me and even rolled on her back so I could clean her nether regions and inner thighs. All are doing well, Star is a good mother, and her kittens eat well.

It’s been about Five Years – Sunday, July 15, 2012

It’s been about five years since my last post; Star is still my cat. Star and I have a new relationship. As I may have said once before, she has me well trained.

All Is Well – Sunday, September 30, 2015

I have been living with my cat for about seven years. She is very much an adult cat. As cats go, she is timid. Star is a one-person cat and doesn’t take well to strangers. She is the ruler of my household, and she has me well disciplined. She likes structure, and she tells me when it’s time to eat and to play and when to be friends. Her routine doesn’t vary very much from day to day.


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