free writing

There are so many places to go to learn about free writing; everyone has a list of ways to help me write my blog. The thing I get from all the blogging tips I have read is “Write a Post Every Day and Write What You Know About.” It’s easy for me to write a post every day; The hard part is coming up with a subject or topic that may interest someone else.

I haven’t read a lot of blogs, but the ones I have read are very creatively written by people who have lager imaginations than I do. Pulling stories out my mind is work, I know there is something in there I just haven’t been able to find it yet or coax it to come to the surface where I can feel it.

Another problem is after I write something that comes from my mind, Sometimes I think what a bunch of crap. The story sounds very juvenile or incomplete, which causes frustration. I get discouraged easily.

I am in the process of writing a story that I haven’t posted yet; If I have a good start then I can’t decide where I want to go with my account. So consequently I don’t write anymore, and the story dies before it has been born. I can always go back and resurrect the story, and I intend to do that, but it is very frustrating.

How do I find blogs that interest me? Is there a blog index some place? Like a library index card catalog file for finding blogs with blogging tips? I wish there were. Maybe the Internet search engine is the best place to look, but how do I look up by category or topic? Does anyone have any ideas that will help me? Please leave a comment if you do.

Free writing is the easiest way to create a blog post, in fact it’s the only way for me to work on my hobby.


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