Featured Sites

I’ve been looking at some WordPress featured sites, many of which interested me. The subject matter and content of those sites is superior to anything I have produced. I am just starting out and I’m not gifted with creativity, but I am trying, hoping to not be inadequate to the task.


My website started out as a family genealogical site before the big genealogy sites were available or popular with the public. My genealogy site was moderately popular or at least had some visitors in those days. I even found some relatives that lived in New Zealand that I collaborated with for a time. As time went by, I eliminated the genealogy pages from my website and when I did that, my site became much less popular.

Vanity Page

As time went by, my website evolved into nothing more than a vanity page for me to mess around with from time to time. There was even a long time that I made no changes to the site, I wasn’t interested in the website and no one else was. My website became a place holder for my domain name “sjn.us” where I kept my personal email address.

Site Building

In the beginning, I created my website with Microsoft FrontPage. Since my first experiences with computers in the late 80’s my main interest in computers was with the software and what it could do for me. FrontPage fascinated me with all the options and with the ease with which I could build my website. Eventually Microsoft retired FrontPage and a lot of hosting sites quit supporting the software, which made FrontPage obsolete. I eventually discovered the Artisteer brand site-building software. Artisteer opened up a whole new world for me, I had new software to explore and it created personalize themes or templates for me to experiment with. Artisteer opened a new frontier and reinvigorated my interest in creating websites.


Artisteer Website

The Artisteer software is designed to create blogging templates, and it came with free hosting on Artisteer.net. When I started using Artisteer.net to host my website, I discovered how the blogging aspect of the software worked. I began writing posts for my blog and I imported posts from previous blog-sites I used. I had discovered a new aspect and interest in my website. However Artisteer.net was not reliable, there were frequent problems uploading new information to the site, so I started looking for a new hosting site.

After doing a very limited amount of research I found a hosting site in the price range I was looking for and signed up. The hosting site featured WordPress and my Artisteer software created WordPress themes. I uploaded my web pages, working through some technical problems and here I am writing blog posts.


Now I’m back to inadequate. Inadequate but trying. I’m doing what I can to learn how to write blog posts. I read other blogs; and I read the information on how to write a story. I look up grammar and spelling on the Internet. I try to remember what they taught what me in school, and I practice by writing articles like this one. Perhaps someone will find this article and leave a comment. That would be great. Curiosity requires me to ask, how will readers find this article? This post is part of my website rebuild.


Hello. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I lived for a few months in Southern California. I now live in Saint George, Utah. For more information about me, click on My History or About Me in the menu.