It’s hard for me to think of something to write. If I wrote about my daily activities, my readers’ eyes would roll up to the back of their heads. In my life, everything is very routine. Nothing much changes from day-to-day. The hardest decision I have to make is “What should I have for dinner today?” not very exciting.

Today, for example, I slept until 9:00 AM, and I would have slept later except my cat annoys me when she wants to eat around 8:30 AM. My cat is very tenacious when she wants to eat. She begins by meowing quietly for about 15 minutes. If that doesn’t wake me up, she will jump up onto my bed and start walking around me, making tiny little meows for a few minutes. The next step in her routine is to jump back and forth across my body, trying to joggle me awake. By this time, I am just ignoring her, and she knows I am awake. Her next and final trick is to jump on my belly, which usually does the trick. I get up and feed her.

Anyway, that is a typical morning activity for my cat and me. Not too exciting is it.

Text below added 12/25/2019


My daily activities are the same as I’ve described in this post. There are a few new things that happen, especially now that I don’t sleep so well.

My cat star has gotten to an age that she doesn’t do very much besides sleep. After I get out of bed, she comes and asks me for food. As I have stated before, it resolves her to get her food whether I want to get up.

After I feed star I sometimes go back to bed to see if I can fall back to sleep. Most of the time that doesn’t work. But when it does, I am grateful.

I am no longer working, so my day is sedentary. I have created this website Han spent some money to help me keep it looking good. Lately, most of my days have been spent re-writing recreating my website.


Hello. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I lived for a few months in Southern California. I now live in Saint George, Utah. For more information about me, click on My History or About Me in the menu.

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