Hello, I used the dictate function on my WordPress website, it’s great, this will be fun. I won’t have to dictate in MS Word and then copy it over to the WordPress site anymore.

I am always looking for technical gadgets to help me with my site. Maybe it will work better in the text editor rather than the visual editor. I wonder if it learns as I dictate more frequently.

I can even dictate in the Grammarly program. Is there a place that I can go to set parameters for the dictation program? A new function. When I press the period button, the dictation function turns off.

There are 147 words in my article, and I am getting tired, so it’s time to close it up and watch TV for a while.

Now I will change the subject. Abortion, I’m thinking about dictating a post about abortion. I haven’t written an article about abortion because it is such a controversial issue in today’s society. My opinions about abortion are firm; I believe life begins at conception. Not a welcome view to progressive democrats. More thoughts on another post.

Thinking of using dictation to write posts can be daunting. Transcription doesn’t work well in all editing programs. Earlier, I said that dictation worked well with MS word, and it does not work well in my WordPress block editor. So I have fallen back to using the notepad to create my text because it seems to be more responsive than Microsoft Word.

I am still considering writing a post about abortion. The reason I hesitate to do that is that it is such a controversial subject. But I don’t really know a lot about the abortion issue other than I think it is wrong. There are many reasons not to use abortion, and many reasons it’s better than some alternatives. That’s all I will say for now.


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