I’ve thought that I need to write a post for a couple of days now. I am full of discouragement because I’m not sure what I want to write about today. As I have said in a previous post, I haven’t been watching much news lately because I find it depressing and extremely repetitive. The Democrats are in the process of destroying the United States of America. They envision the United States as a third world country; where everyone lives in stark poverty except for the elite who live in unparalleled wealth.

Homelessness and Despair

Nancy Pelosi

An excellent example of this is the state of California. Specifically San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Where the prices for housing are so high that people have to live on the street. The only ones that can afford to live in a house are the very wealthy elite. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and other Democratic senators have one goal in mind these days. That is to remove President Trump from the office. The Democrats or the Socialists communists do not want to lose their power in the United States so they create despair in those not in their class. I associate the Democrats with evil and Republicans with good. The conflict is a war between decency and righteousness and evil and Satanism.


I’m also writing this post to learn how to incorporate keywords into my text. As it stands right now, I have no idea what the keyword to this post will be. Learning how to talk in the active voice rather than a passive voice is a challenge to me. I am not sure how I am doing. I am not doing that very well. One of my big problems with writing posts is that I do not always have anything to report. I get very frustrated with myself because I’m not good at creating words. I have all the tools that I need to write a good text, but I don’t.


As I said in a previous paragraph, I don’t watch much news anymore because it’s depressing and creates discouragement. I’m also very fearful of what the newscasters may say. I rarely watch anything created by mainstream media. I firmly believe that Fox News is becoming part of that category. They have moved to the left of the center. They are no longer the conservative news organization that I grew to like. It is disappointing that I have to get my news from alternative media, or a story that I find on YouTube. I’m also alarmed by the fact that the Q boards have been taken down. We have not seen anything from Q for many weeks now.


I have surpassed the required 300-word minimum, so I believe that I will end this post now. Now I can pursue the menial task of editing and correcting grammar. I need to decide what keyword I need to insert into my text. I’m guessing right now that I will use the keyword discouragement. That is how I feel at present.


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