Which Word processor is best for Dictation?

I am trying to decide which word processer is the best for dictation. Frequently Microsoft Word confuses the dictation program. Sometimes the MS Word program doesn’t insert a period when I say period. Sometimes I use notepad to make corrections to my poorly constructed sentences.

MS Word

Using MS Word is my favorite because I can save the text to my computer in case; In case I need to re-post the text. I love using the dictation program. I am not a good typist, so the dictation program is a godsend to me. If it wasn’t for that program, I probably would not write this many posts.

This post is being written in Microsoft Word. As I have stated before, Microsoft Word has a hard tap time determining what to do when I say the word. Sometimes dictation works correctly and sometimes it just writes the word. I wish I knew how to fix it so it would always put in a dot when I say. It seems to work fine for this paragraph. Maybe I need to say the word period immediately after I finish my thought.

Writing long sentences and using big or complicated words is something that I have a tendency for. I need to learn how to write shorter sentences and still get my point across. This post is in some ways a test post for me to use smaller sentences. The ProWritingAid is excellent for helping me create an easy-to-read blog post. The text is grammatically correct and formatted properly. Time will tell. The impeachment hearings are on TV again today, which will give me information for future posts.

I am still choosing which medium is best for dictation. MS word is my favorite because it does so many things and it’s probably the best word processor available.

It’s time to watch the impeachment hearing. Thanks for reading.


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