Engaging Readers

I was reading a post on the Internet the other day it was describing the best way to engage readers. The post said that telling a story was the best way to attract a reader’s attention. Many of the posts on my website tell stories about me and some of my life experiences, one of which was heart surgery. I could write about those same experiences again, but then my blog would become too repetitive. But here I go again.

Milestone (Heart Surgery)

This year is 2020, the beginning of a new decade. In May I will become 70 years old. Being 70 doesn’t frighten me, it is just another milestone in my life. Turning 50 twenty years ago was an entirely different experience. When I turned 50, I was just 2 years away from my first open heart surgery. I was still very much in the recovery mode.

Regaining Youth

After I had my first and second heart surgeries, my body reacted like it was a teenager again. It is said that people who have open heart surgery feel like they’re 16 years old again. And in my case, that was very true. I felt energies that I had not felt in many years, but I don’t want to have to go through another open heart surgery to feel that energy again.

Heart Surgery

Heart Surgery
Heart Surgery

Four years after my first heart surgery, I had another major heart attack that required heart surgery. Once again, I experienced the same hormone induced desire for procreation. Fortunately, those desires have diminished. There is something about being close to death that causes the body to react an unusual way. Now that I will turn 70 in a few months, my life has slowed down several degrees. All is well.

Living with pain

The aches and pains that come with age can debilitate many physical activities. Lower back pain and hip pain make it difficult to walk and stand for extended periods of time. I am fortunate that my back and hip pain is all that I have to deal with other than extreme lack of energy and always being tired. Medications I take are responsible for me feeling tired and listless most of the time. I take 14 different medications a day, some of them twice a day. Side effects on nearly all of those medications are dizziness, tiredness and constipation, and many others.

Enough of my complaining, but at least I told this story. You may not be interested in reading it, but if you are interested in reading it, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading.


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