It has been several weeks since I wanted to write this post about my cousins. My cousin Sherline Maxfield called me from Tucson to tell me they would be in my town of St George in two weeks. Well, that couple of weeks was like a month and a half ago. So you can tell that I am not up on my personal current events.

Sherline and her husband Norm rented a house almost at Entrada, but away from where I live. I set Google Maps to tell me how to get out there, but Google Maps does not know everything. It took me on a wild goose chase. Once I got to the house; I had a friendly visit with my cousin Sherline. We talked about many things, but mostly how we were doing and how their family was doing.

cousins masks

We talked a little about the pandemic or as I like to call it the plandemic. And then we discussed the need for wearing facial masks to prevent the spread of the disease. I have heard so much misinformation about the masks and what they can do. My opinion is the masks do absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting COVID-19 or from you infecting others with COVID-19 if you are you infected.


As if the corona virus was not enough, the deep state had to use its Antifa army to cause riots and destruction in the Democrat run cities. To me, all it shows is what socialism would be like in America if Democrats win the election in November. I’m not sure who will win But I am leaning toward President Trump. I believe that there are enough people disgusted with the Democrat actions that they will forgo their animosity towards Trump’s personality.

Just recently Joe Biden chose his running mate, Kamala Harris. They say that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are merely placeholders in the election. They will bring the true candidates in a few weeks before the election.

It is my belief that the pandemic will disappear the day after the election results; It doesn’t surprise me that the deep state is in league with the mainstream media and that the Democrats will do absolutely anything to cause president trump trouble and to smear him with innuendo and lies.

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