General Comments

There have been so many very confusing things happening in the United States, one of them being wearing face masks. It is extremely hard for me to keep track of everything that is going on. The recent election on November 3rd has turned out to be a comedy of errors. At one time I think I heard Nancy Pelosi show that they would go to any means to win the election on the Democratic side. And from what I have seen, that is correct. They have cheated the system to the highest possible level of dishonesty. Through the mainstream media, they are declaring Joe Biden as the president-elect. Which is not correct? From what I understand, professionals will decide that on December 14.

Being confused

Previously, I am confused by everything that is going on. One thing I am confused about is that no government work has been accomplished by the House of Representatives for the past four years. They manage to take all their recesses and vacations on time. Continuing to be paid their salaries by the taxpayers of United States of America. From the unique plans and declaration I have heard. It will wipe the good things that president trump has accomplished out. Very discouraging for those of us that would like to see freedom. And have control put back into the hands of the citizens of the United States.

Coronis Virus and Masks

There has been much back and forth about the effectiveness of masks filtering the coronavirus. My logic tells me that the virus is much too small to be stopped by a cloth or paper mask. The virus can go through the mask, can go around the mask, it can go under the mask. So, my opinion would be to not use the Mask. I believe the mandatory use of masks is a test. Being used to see how well the population will follow the dictates of their government.


In my case, I wear the mask as required because I don’t like to be hassled by others. I find it easier to comply than to explain to people that don’t want to hear it about the uselessness face masks. As to the locked downs. They haven’t affected me very much. I rarely go out to socialize. Travels outside are limited to trips to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and the pharmacy. I prefer to stay home by myself and pass the time doing things that amuse me. There are a few friends that I chat with online, so I get a little companionship.


The management of the building that I live in has in effect locked the building down. Requiring we wear masks in all public areas and that there be no social gatherings of any people. I frequently forget to put my mask on when I’m in the hall. No one says anything, but I get unpleasant looks. It would be more agreeable to wearing masks if the management would clean the building. To remove surface virus and germs. But I guess they do what they can.

Thanks For Reading

This is all for this post. It has been many months since I took the time to put my thought to paper. Thank you for reading, and if it inclines you, please leave a comment below. I bless you with good health.


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