Zion National Park Pictures

This is a collection of pictures from Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Clarion Alley in San Francisco.


I took the Zion National Park pictures while on a visit to the park.

Grand Canyon Photos

Lover's Leap!
Lover’s Leap!

The Grand Canyon pictures are images from the Internet.

Clarion Alley Pictures

Clarion Alley

I took the Clarion Alley pictures while on vacation to San Francisco.

My Galleries

The galleries on this page represent some places with the best scenery that I have ever seen. I will create a San Francisco Gallery, including a selection of pictures I took while I was on vacation in San Francisco. I took the Zion National Park pictures while I was on a day trip with my cousin Sherline and her husband, Norman. We were on a road trip tour of the park;We did not have any tour guides explaining the different features of the park.

My Collections

The pictures of the Grand Canyon area are from the Internet. I received an email or something with a link that took me to this collection of photos of the Grand Canyon. I don’t know if the pictures are professional or just a collection of images taken by visitors to the Grand Canyon, some of them are spectacular.

The most stirring pictures are of Clarion alley in San Francisco. I visited Clarion alley while I was on a day tour with a guide in the San Francisco area. I have never seen homegrown artwork, as expressed in Clarion alley. There are other places in San Francisco where the city allows wall art. A lot of the murals I viewed in Clarion alley have meaning, and some of them are antigovernment, and one of them is anti-president Trump. Some paintings are amateurish. The tour guide showed that the people that paint the walls must get permission from the city and must follow city guidelines.

I am not a professional photographer by anyone’s standards, and some pictures I take are less than stellar. But I enjoy making them and presenting them on my website for others to view. I took the images of San Francisco with my cell phone. Zion National Park photos; I took them with my first digital camera at 3 megapixels.

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