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Scott Newman

Welcome and thanks for discovering my site. My name is Scott Newman. One purpose of this site is so my companions from years ago can see my name and reach me by email, telephone, or even text. I’m from Salt Lake City UT. I spent most of my life in the sugarhouse district of Salt Lake City.

Where I Lived

When I was a teenager, I lived on a street called Ashton Ave, which is no longer in existence. They removed the road to make way for the Shopko parking lot. Then I lived for several years in an apartment building called Irving Heights apartments. Living in those apartments was the best time of my life. I had a good job; I had plenty of money, and I had plenty of friends.

About my Writing

A little about my writing. In some of my previous home pages, I said that I was not very good at writing copy for my website. I am still not great, but I am getting better.

In the paragraph that was here before I made this update, I said that my blog would include information about President Trump’s impeachment. It will still contain that information, but it will also contain information about his total exoneration from impeachment.

Some of my thoughts about the entire impeachment process that some are saying began before he was even a candidate. I find the hatred of President Trump very disturbing. The people of the United States decided they no longer wanted Washington DC to do business as usual. The choice we had was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I may have stated in a post or two that I believe Hillary Clinton is one of the most dishonest, evil people to find her way into US politics. And I did not think Donald Trump was the right person to be our president. President Donald Trump has changed my mind I think he is the best president that I have seen in my lifetime.

Other Posts or Pages

This website has links to some of my posts. Using the menu above, you can view the About Me page. You can also view some gallery images. There are also links to my blog page where you can find everything that I’ve written to this point in time. That’s not true; I had many more blog posts I created over the years, but they were no longer relevant and didn’t meet the rules for proper blog posts.

Website Theme

If this website has a central theme or category, the subject will be political. Along with politics, I occasionally write posts about different events I’ve experienced in my life. Many of the texts won’t be of any interest to the casual reader. On my earlier welcome page, there were two paragraphs about what an unaccomplished writer I was. I’m still not an accomplished writer, but I’m learning and practicing and using several tools to help me write grammatically correct text.

In Closing

I think this is about all for this page. I will include several links to more interesting posts I’ve composed. Again, thank you for locating this website. If you knew me when I lived in the sugarhouse area and you want to get in touch with me, contact me through my contact form. Thanks.

Scott Newman

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